The gender equation

Our MD Bola Akinseye was recently interveiewed by on the subject of gender equation and how it affects business.


Here's what some of the dynamic women on the panel had to say...


Bola Akinseye, founder of stationery designer Makeover Designs:

"[Women] listen more to people, we're not testosterone-driven" this is what you need, and this is the only way you can have it. We're  more dynamic, I'm a lot more dynamic, and the clients feel that I'm working for them. And also, we're better at keeping in touch with them and more adaptable to changing needs."


Penny Power, founder of business social network Ecademy:

"I don't think women build empires as much as men do, I think women understand about collaboration and sharing tasks and they'll probably have built a business that's much leaner and more able to adapt through a credit crisis time."


Jill Shepherd, founder of Bamboo Learning, which teaches Mandarin to children:

"I'm not sure whether women are better or worse at dealing with a recession, I think they're better at certain things. Women are great at multi-tasking and are generally very good at coping with stress.I don't think they're as good or as instinctive risk-takers as men are but I think when they do take the risk they are more able to hold things together."


Liz Jackson, founder of Great Guns Marketing:

"I have to say my men are pretty resilient. I think women and men together can face anything, and I think a brilliant team made up of people that are strong in all sorts of different areas can just about achieve anything. Any organisation that doesn't have a mixed board is losing out.

"Women have amazing attributes, we're brilliant communicators and I actually think women make better salespeople. We just lose out because we're so underrepresented. 16% [female-owned business in London] is atrocious. It should be 50-50." 

Are women better equipped to survive an economic downturn? Does gender really make a difference? Tell us your views in the box below"

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